We are all guilty of allowing our attention spans to grow shorter and shorter. As Instagram and other captioned photograph social sites take our affections hostage, we are losing sight of our blogs and other content generating avenues. I implore you not to fall victim though. Think of social media as the petals of your flower (your blog). Continue to nurture your flower and allow it to bloom to full beauty. The blog is still relevant and here are a few reasons why:


Consumers want to be able to communicate and reach brands on whatever channel they choose, at whatever time. That means Facebook messages at 2am…from another time zone. It means a tweet mid-day. Social media is definitely the most popular way clients and potential clients want to interact but they still go to your site and even your blog to dig deep on your brand philosophy and practice.


How many times have you shared a blog that really resonated with you? How would you do that if the author never wrote the blog post in the first place? The blog and social media feed off of and from each other. Hot topics that are mentioned on social media can be expanded on on the blog. Likewise a blog post can be broken down into multiple social media pieces. You can use snippets of your blog posts on social media to tease to your website. It is a cyclical method and highly effective. It can be said of blog content what was said in the movie Field of Dreams. “If you build it, they will come.”


Blogs give you and your brand credibility. They allow you to establish authority in your arena. Be the voice that others listen to.


A blog should be written to serve its audience and serve the Google gods second. But truth is, the blog is still the most effective way to help your business rank well from an SEO standpoint.


If you monitor the data beneath your blog (assuming you employ Google Analytics or a comparable service), you can tell a lot about your audience. You may not be able to recognize them on the street or ever have a chance to buy them a drink but you will learn what attracts them. You will gain insight to what they read, what they engage with, how they interact, where they come from, what time they read most, etc. When you start to notice these trends you can start to employ paid ads, promoting posts that really expand your brand recognition.

Don’t let your blog die. Don’t let 2017 be the year you stopped being talked about; you stopped creating content. It is only mid-year so it is not too late at all to turn the calendar year around and take hold of your authority in your arena! Feel free to contact me or schedule a consulting time so we can talk more about a strategy that will put you back on top.