FACT. Digital marketing strategy has more or less now become a necessity of marketing in general.

Here are 10 reasons why 2017 is not the year to ditch your digital/online marketing.

YOU LACK DIRECTION. What do you want to achieve online? Is it just brand recognition? Are you looking for conversion and strong call-to-actions? The idea of online marketing is to gain new customers and build deeper relationships with current customers. If you don’t have goals in line with those ideas then you aren’t putting forward enough resource to reach solid results and you aren’t evaluating analytics to see if you are achieving your goals.

YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR ONLINE MARKET SHARE. If you aren’t familiar with your online market share then chances are you are underestimating your customers demand for online services. You don’t understand your place in the online market.

COMPETITORS WILL CLAIM YOUR MARKET SHARE. If you aren’t devoting enough resource to digital/online marketing or you are using a patchwork approach with no real strategies you are handing your customer base over to your competition!

YOU AREN’T USING A HYBRID APPROACH. Digital marketing shouldn’t be compartmentalized. Yes, it is easier to make a nice package of digital marketing. But it is also less effective. Package your digital media work with traditional media and response channels.

YOU’RE WASTING TIME AND MONEY. Even if you do have sufficient resource there is a good chance it is being wasted. This is especially true in larger companies where different parts of the marketing department are purchasing different tools or using different vendors for the same online tasks.

YOU’RE STATIC. Top online brands like Amazon, Google, Zappos, Fivrr, are all dynamic. They try new approaches to gain or keep their online audience.

YOU SIMPLY AREN’T OPTIMIZING. It isn’t enough to simply have analytics. You need to review them, strategize around them, act on them, and continue to improve because of them.