A fully integrated and targeted social media strategy is at the core of every business plan. I specialize in Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.


My experience in web, print, and even IRL, is about influencing your audience to visit your target point. C2A visibility is the lifeblood of online activity.


Without a community of advocates a business is little more than an elevator pitch. I’ve built communities for both start-ups and established companies, and shown their importance to direct revenue.


A business should not just sell but inform. The only way to increase the appetite of the consumer is to inform them. I have been creating and curating content since the turn of the Millenium.


As a trained graphic designer and web builder, I’ve spent hours helping clients build a more results-driven space on the Internet. Experience shows it all begins with the brand.


I’ve consulted with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations, alike, talking about advanced social media development, branding experiences, and comprehensive marketing.

Tiny Houses

On a more personal note, I have worked for almost 8 years establishing a presence in the tiny home community and have explored the marketing aspect and development of this arena. It is more than a fad. It is a new way of life with transforming results.

Spend 15 minutes with me either by Skype or on the phone and discover why a social media strategy is so important for you and your business. Find out how quality content can increase your revenue stream and your visibility online.

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