The Importance Of A Social Media Strategy and Creating Yours

The Importance Of A Social Media Strategy and Creating Yours

It seems that perhaps blogging was at its peak for the first decade of the Millennium. We have now moved on to collections and curations, to mobile content, and to different authoring tools. Blogging is nearly impossible on a mobile device but Instagram, Shapchat, and Twitter fill that void, allowing us to OpEd publish events as they happen. We are living in a time of content revolution. I refuse to believe it means the blog is dead though. Let’s think for a moment about what a blog is and how it serves a website, its subscribers, and a revenue stream for the author.

A blog sits directly on a website. The author need only to keep it compelling and updated. Readers will access it directly and indirectly both. It will be cited, sourced, linked to, commented on, and shared. Because of this one reason it is a staple in a website revenue stream via advertisement. The more people that visit means the more people see an ad which, in turn, means the higher likelihood of a clickthrough or a purchase. In essence, blogging can:

  • Generate a growing audience (and if you’re an influencer, this can be immediate)
  • Create revenue
  • Turn an average blogger into an influencer

But, how can you achieve this with your blog? With every 8th grader in the United States operating a blog, how can yours get noticed? What is the solution? You are in need of a social media plan and strategy.

Is Adopting Social Media Even Important?

Why, yes. Yes it is.

Social media platforms have revolutionized marketing and blogging. A solid blog post relies on much more than just well placed SEO now. The world is online all the time now through laptops, phones, tablets, and even car audio systems. Social media is the main form of communication and is the primary method of leading readers to your blog.

Social Media Is No Passing Fad

Facebook is completely mobile. You can access your Twitter feed via mobile. Pinterest has a high-performing App. All of these point to the fact that engagement across social networks is truly just ramping up. Users are going to keep posting photos to Instagram, voting for their favorite contestant on Twitter, and LIKEing posts on Facebook. Hubspot noted in 2014 that social media is no fad and that if you want to remain relevant in the blogosphere, you must represent yourself in on social media. It is all about reaching your target audience quickly and effectively.

Social Media is Cheap And Easy

As a new blogger or one who is reinventing himself it is important to know that you don’t need a large budget to get up and running. In fact, much of social media is free.

Social media channels are easy to set up and once you are on the platform you can identify your target audience without spending much on analytics at all. You also have the opportunity now to expand your immediate reach by several hundred people for mere dollars per post.

I hope by now you realize the importance of social media marketing and are prepared to uncover some steps to create your own social media marketing plan.

Come back next week for 6 Steps To Social Success.